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Netsouth Website Design Philosophy

ball Guiding Philosophy: At Netsouth, we take great pride in developing a website solution that is consistent with the look and feel of your business or objectives. The guiding philosophy for our success is a passion for technology and understanding our customer's needs. Our customer-centric approach allows us to focus on solutions and provide the best technology to meet customer business requirements. Good website design is the integration of form, function, execution and purpose. To this end we have been successful with all our clients.

As the Internet changes the way companies do business and having a presence on the Internet becomes the norm, it is critical to develop compelling, usable, and technologically sound websites. Netsouth adopts a design philosophy that emphasizes the use of advanced technology to create innovative solutions. Our design philosophy also focuses on interactive media where several different types of design need to be combined in order to create successful solutions. Your website represents your business, company, or personal goals and objectives, and as such makes a strong impression upon those that view it.

ball Design and Layout: Whether you are relatively new to all this or just feel like your site needs some modernization, you've come to the right place. Netsouth creates a design and layout that is consistent with the look and feel of your business or objectives. We design the graphics, images, and layout with primary focus on an aesthetic appeal and easy navigation. In our design process, we utilize the best and latest technologies including Flash animation, Flash logos/banners, customized navigation menus, Perl and any other CGI language database design, JavaScript, Live Picture Realty Studio and streaming video/audio.

ball What We Provide and Do: Netsouth provides complete website development including Flash content development, art work, photo scanning, digital imagery capture, embedded video/audio, streaming audio, virtual panoramic viewing and imaging(360 degrees), forms, tables, JavaScript, page layout, and full html coding. The Netsouth design and coding process uses the latest technology such as html editors, imaging software, website publishing tools, graphics software and multimedia toools such as Flash. Netsouth verifies all the files that comprise your website to insure that the html code works properly, that all links are correct and conducts tests and verifications for browser compatibility.

ball Website Marketing Considerations: Netsouth can assist you in marketing your existing website to help achieve the site traffic you envisioned when developing your site. Potential customers being able to find you on the Internet is critical to the success of your web presence and enhancing your customer base. We provide a service that results in your site being submitted to several search sites nationwide.

Our Solutions Showcase is a monthly feature on our site. Your business can be included here for a nominal monthly fee. To have your ad placed on this page, call us at 601-954-2023, email us at support@ncsnet.com or contact us via our feedback form

ballWebsite Maintenance and Updates: After your website is developed, we'll store and maintain the developed pages on the Netsouth server system in your virtual hosting account directory. Netsouth consulting services are available to maintain your files, make updates in a timely manner and develop new ideas and offerings to keep your website sharp and on the cutting edge.