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Standard Submissions
We can assist in increasing traffic and business on your site by submitting your site to the top search engines. Standard Submissions:
•• 1 Year for $29.95
•• 1 Month for $3.00
Deep Submissions
The DEEP SUBMISSION reads in the URL entered for the site URL, and retrieves that page. After the entire page has been parsed, a small "Web BOT" travels the links it found, searching for more links using the same procedure.
•• 1 Year for $39.95
•• 1 Month for $4.00

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Solutions Showcase

This is a monthly feature on our site. Your business can be included here for a nominal monthly fee. To have your ad placed on this page, call us at 601-954-2023, email us at or contact us via our feedback form

Solutions Showcase

Beauty Treatment by Frances
Frances is a a licensed Cosmetician and has been in the hair industry for 40+ years. She holds a strong passion for the art of hair and take great pride in transforming the new seasonal look with cuts or colors, perms or relaxers or even the usual trim.
Beauty Treatment by Frances
Loredo Academy of Martial Arts
Sifu Joe Loredo and his Assistant/wife Pamela Jean Loredo teach Bruce Lee's combative martial art & philosophy, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, as taught by the great Dan Inosanto (Lee's top student, out of Los Angeles, CA).
Loredo Academy of Martial Arts


Email Forwarding
Customize your mail services by directing addresses either to POP accounts on your virtual server or to external email accounts.  
Password Protected Directories
Password protect a directory of files, not simply a single file. The directory that you want to protect is created and then files can be moved or added to that directory. 

Anti-Spam Solution

Anti-Spam PRO (powered by Barracuda)

An integrated hardware and software solution for complete protection of your email server. It provides a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses from your organization by providing the following protection:
•• Anti-spam
•• Anti-virus
•• Anti-spoofing
•• Anti-phishing
•• Anti-spyware (Attachments)
•• Denial of Service