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Why Does My Business Need a Website?

We've been in this Internet business since its' "birth" in the 1979-1981 time frame when it was know as SPAN (Space Physics Analysis Network). Access consisted of a black and white terminal with a user ID/Password login vis Telenet! And we continue to work with many companies who do not yet have a website. Sometimes, it's not always a priority. Regardless of your reason for not having a website, we hope that you will contact us and let us establish your own "space" in this technology universe known as the "Internet".

Listed below you will find a number of benefits of having a website. The benefits will very depending on the nature of your business, and the extent to which you choose to embrace the technology!

ball Advantage Over Your Competition: Consumers search for products and services online before making purchases. By allowing for your website to be found on the Internet it will give you an advantage over your competition when they call you instead of the competition.

ball Image - Who Are You?: Your website can often be the first point of contact for potential customers that come to your business. Providing a first-class service or product is reflected through ALL of your contact with the customer,and especially their contact with you via your website. The way that products and services are delivered via the Internet requires a business to have an online presence. This allows customers to get an overall feel for your business, as well as to compare services and products without having to spend time on the phone and take time out of their work day to reach you during business hours.

ball Free Advertising: You are trying to get your potential customer to call you or visit to get more information, to be able to convince them to visit you, to buy from you, or to use your services.

ball Enhanced Customer Service: Whether or not you are selling a tangible product, you want to be able to provide enhanced customer service that will give you a competitive edge in the market place. In being able to provide 24/7 access to information, forms, products, and marketing to your customers, you place yourself at a higher level of customer service than your competitors who do not have an internet presence.

ball Time Savings: Your clients are able to conduct business when it is convenient for them. This might be during the day or in the middle of the night. Your business should always be open. If you choose an e-commerce website, your customers can shop with you 24 hours a day. More and more people are shopping on the internet where they can view the products and place an order online at any time of the day or night without the consideration of time, day, holidays, etc.

ball Cost Savings: For those clients who have a PC and regularly use the internet, your web site can actually save you money on printing costs as well as time on the phone and in person. Reduction of printing costs can be realized in many situations, including brochures, newsletters, information sheets, protocols, hand outs, etc. By having online customer services procedures and support information on lineand available 24 hours a day you will be able to decrease the number of customer service employees you have on staff. Directing a client to a link on your website saves time and money.

ball Return Visitors to Your Site: There is potential for your website to become a resource of information for the public. By supplying helpful tips and articles that are relevant to your industry, you will give visitors a reason to come back to your website and convert them to customers.

ball Information Disimination About Your Company: Consumers have more confidence in, and prefer doing business with, companies that they know something about. Your website is a way to inform visitors about the structure of your company, of your community involvement, the products and services you offer, awards, and employment opportunities.

If do not currently have a website, we hope this list will help you understand the bigger picture of how a website can help your company. But to be honest, these are the same reasons we use for existing companies when helping them redesign their website. Don't feel bad if you don't have a website, at least you're educating yourself and we'll help you do it right the first time.