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Design, Development and Implementation

ball Our Experience and Technical Knowledge Base: We have an extensive and diversified experience and technology knowledge base that extends back to when the Internet was known as SPAN! It consisted of a black and white display terminal with Internet access via a user ID/password login to the network know as SPAN. As the "Internet" known back then as SPAN changed, so did we. We stay abreast of the latest technology and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customer base and potential customers. Please check here for additional information about the extensive experience and knowledge background of the Netsouth CEO!

ballOur Approach: It's a simple one! Our top priority begins with taking a simple and focused approach centered around the needs of the customer. The design process begins with a detailed assessment of your requirements. We will look at your project from all angles and assist you in determining exactly what you need in a website. Your participation in the design phase plays a vital role in allowing us to provide you a quality online presence and in the shortest amount of time possible. Generally speaking, we can have your site built within a week to 10 days once we have completed the requirements analysis and receive an initial deposit.

ballWhat We Need From You: All that we need to get started is a few simple items from you. We have found the following items to be most helpful in the design, development and implementation of your new site:
•• Business Cards
•• Previous marketing materials
•• Catalogs
•• Pictures and brief descriptions of products
•• Letterhead
•• Any item that describes your product and company

ballCosts, Technology and Verification Considerations: The costs associated with getting a website setup for a customer depends on customer needs and requirements. Netsouth provides complete website development including Flash content development, art work, photo scanning, digital imagery capture, embedded video/audio, forms, tables, JavaScript, page layout, and full html coding. The Netsouth design and coding process uses the latest technology such as html editors, imaging software, website publishing tools, graphics software and multimedia tools. We verify all the files that comprise your website to insure that the html code works properly and that all links are correct and function as intended in the design.

ballDesign Factors Taken into Consideration: When designing a website we take various factors into consideration.
•• What it is you want your site to do (site theme, purpose and goals)
•• Proper meta tags for successful search engine placement
•• Domain name registration and setup
•• Browser compatibility
•• Custom web design graphics and accessory graphics
•• Coding to optimize performance and to maximize accessibility
•• Logo and banner creations
•• Specialized graphics, animations, audio, video, navigation menus
•• Flash design considerations
•• Special scripts such as Perl or CGI
•• Research into industry related sites to gather a sense of what the competition is doing

ball Website Marketing Considerations: Netsouth can assist you in marketing your existing website to help achieve the site traffic you envisioned when developing your site. Potential customers being able to find you on the Internet is critical to the success of your web presence and enhancing your customer base. We provide a service that results in your site being submitted to several search sites nationwide. You will also be featured from time to time on the Netsouth Customer website Portfolio Link

ball Website Maintenance and Updates: After your website is developed, we'll store and maintain the developed pages on the Netsouth server system in your virtual hosting account directory. Netsouth consulting services are available to maintain your files, make updates in a timely manner and develop new ideas and offerings to keep your website sharp and on the cutting edge.