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Optimum Windows Settings

ball If you are using the USB port on your cable modem to connect to a PC, install a PCI ethernet adapter for better efficiency and throughput. Most USB is limited to 12Mb/sec throughput. Whatever you add to your USB ports will be sharing the 12Mb/sec of bandwidth with your cable modem. An additional bonus to having a PCI ethernet adapter is that it provides you with the capability to utilize these your added USB ports for future requirements.

ball Make sure that your PCI ethernet adapter (NIC-Network Interface Card) doesn't have any resource conflicts. Make sure it is not sharing an IRQ with any other devices.

ball In your network control panel, eliminate any unnecessary items. Do -not- remove any of the green adapters in the list! Also, if you are an AOL user, it is best to leave everything just the way it is. Comcast recommends using "Client for Microsoft Networks" and the "TCP/IP" protocol.

ball In your Internet Options control panel, click the "Settings" button on the "General" tab. Setting a large cache size helps all users, regardless of how they connect to the Internet. You should set this value to a large value that you can easily allocate from your hard drive. The cache is where all the pages and page content you download gets stored so that if you return to that same site, you don't have to download it again. The current Windows operating systems default to 1GB plus! Click the "View Objects" button. Objects are extensions (add-ons) to the Internet Explorer browser. Removing all downloaded program files (objects) will sometimes make a huge performance improvement.

ball Click the "Security" tab. If you decide to change the security levels from default, be sure to test usability before and after your changes. The default security settings work great in terms of browsing throughput on a cable modem. If your service provider recommends otherwise, do what they recommend.

ball Click the "Privacy" tab (Internet Explorer 6.x only) Cookies are files that a web site places on your hard drive for various reasons. Some cookies are used to save your preferences for a site, or to keep track of items you are ordering from a site. Other cookies are used for tracking how and where you browse, or for marketing purposes. Default settings will normaly work fine. However, you can reduce the number of pop-up windows you have to deal with. Do this by setting the options in the "Advanced" button as follows:
•• Check the "Override automatic cookie handling" box.
•• Select the "Prompt" option under "First-party Cookies".
•• Select the "Block" option under "Third-party Cookies".
•• Uncheck the "Always allow session cookies" box.
Applying these settings will change internet browsing as you were used to it. Whenever you go to a site you have never been to before, you will get a dialog that will ask you how to handle cookies for that site. You have 4 choices available:
•• 1-to accept the current cookie being requested by that site
•• 1-to block the current cookie being requested by that site
•• 2-to accept all cookies from that site
•• 3-to block all cookies from that site
If you make an error in your choice you can 'reset' that site by returning to the "Privacy" tab in this control panel and clicking the "Edit" button. Once there, simply remove the site from the "Managed Web sites" list to 'reset' the cookie handling for that site.

ball The "Content" tab is best left alone!

ballThe "Advanced" tab has many options which can hamper or improve your browsing experience. As far as the security options on the advanced tab go, these should be changed at your discretion. For the highest security, check all the security options on the advanced tab.

ball PLEASE NOTE: If your Internet Provider recommends different settings from the ones suggestioned herein the please follow their recommendations.

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