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Connecting Two Computers Through a Router

••  Most homes today have more than several computers. Our ever increasing use of computers makes it necessary to network or connect them to share printers, scanners, copiers and other devices. It's also necessary to share Internet access. Here are a few things you'll need:
Wired or wireless router

Cat5 cable

Ethernet network interface card or wireless card

Here is one way to connect two computers through a router.
ball 1--Turn off both computers that you want to connect through a router. Open your computers' chassis and install the ethernet network cards or your wireless ehternet cards if your motherboards don't have them built in. Close the chassis when installation is complete

ball 2--Turn on both computers and install the software for your ethernet cards following manufacturers' instructions. Most computers will install this software (driver) automatically.

ball 3--Plug one end of the Cat5 cable into the ethernet network card you just installed in one of your computers. Plug the other end into an open Internet slot on the back of your router. Perform this step on the other computer.

ball 4--Plug one end of another Cat5 cable into the slot on the back of your router labeled ethernet. Plug the other end of the cat5 cable into the back of the Internet modem provided by your service provider. You would only do this if you want to share Internet access between both computers.

ball 5--Plug your router power supply into a power source. Turn on your computers. Install the software. Turn on your router when prompted.

ball 6--Your computers are now connected or networked through your router.

Additional Information/Help:
If you choose to connect both computers wirelessly, the process is the same. You will need to use wireless cards instead of cat5 cable. Connecting or networking your computers using wires is safer and faster than using wireless access cards. Networking your computers using routers allows you to share printers and other resources but can be dangerous if not secured properly. Use strong encryption technology to secure your data.

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