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Creating a Domain Name
Getting Started

ball 2 Things First: When someone wants to create a new domain, he or she has to do two things:
1) Find a name server for the domain name to reside on.
2) Register the domain name.
Technically, a name server handles Internet requests for the domain name. There are two ways to get a name server for your domain name:
--You can create and administer it yourself.
--Select a Hosting Company such as Netsouth to acquire the domain name for you.

ball Domain Name Registration: You can pay an ISP or a hosting company such as Netsouth to handle it for you.
If you select Netsouth for this service, we go through the registration process with a company that does domain name registration (examples: register.com, verio.com, networksolutions.com). We can create an "under construction page" while the site development in on-going. Periodically, the COM, ORG, NET, etc. name servers get updates with the newest IP address information. At the point that the propagation of your domain name is completed, a domain exists and people can go see the "under construction" page.

ball Domain Name/Virtual Address: A domain name is a virtual address on the Internet for any organization or entity. A domain is defined as a group of networked computers (servers) that represent an organization and provide network services; however, several domains could reside on one server, in dedicated space provided by a Web hosting company such as Netsouth. To the Internet user, a domain appears as space on one server, regardless of its implementation.

ball How Domain Names are Identified: Domains are identified by their familiar Internet URL (uniform resource locator) addresses. Syntactically, a domain name is a string of names or words separated by periods. For example, www.ncsnet.com is the name of the domain where Netsouth's information resides on its servers.